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      Restauration after disaster cleanup Decoration, Ambiance amelioration Interior or exterior painting projects, specialized or not Painting epoxy two components Epoxy Paint (polyeurethane) Wood surfaces Dyes Minor repairs and touch ups Design services for your choice of colors And so much more…


      Protection from the elements Wood stripping Surface fixing before painting and minor wall repairs Primer and Paint application Specialised usage of painting techniques Complete cleaning after work Epoxy paint And so much more...

      You are protected by our RBQ license. Our work is 100% guaranteed.

    • Esquisses Paintings is a business that has the expertise to meet all your demands. We offer professional house painters for all types of projects related to residential or commercial purposes.

      Painter on our team have developped a criteria that we believe essential to the way we do business. High levels of expertise, attention to detail, and the love of our work permits us to outperform the competition. This a guarantee of quality. Our team is trained and certified by the CCQ (Commission Contruction du Quebec) and have the skills and worksmansip to have any project done.

      Our team is distinguished by its ability to listen and understand the needs of our customers. Painting your residence can be a major project, but Esquisses Paintings is committed to work with the same thoroughness and the same respect you would have for work area . Quality is never compromised, regardless of the budget.

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    Les Peintures Esquisses
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